Tanks Chip In Donation Site

For those wondering how to donate for Tanks surgery, a Chip-In Account has been created so that you can see the progress being made. So far, we’ve raised $10 of the $5000 needed. The $5000 is for the surgical procedures alone, and does NOT include pre-surgical lab work, and medications (pain meds) after.


Please consider donating if you can. Even $1 helps. If you can’t donate, please consider sharing Tanks story on your facebook, twitter, blog, or anywhere else that you can!

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Momma… They’re Staring Again!

When Tanks having a good day, he enjoys spending time outside (with the front door open) watching the world go by. Lately, he’s learned that he can climb up in the chair and have himself a front row seat to what’s going on in the neighborhood.


That front row seat has earned him quite a bit of attention. Traffic slows down, people turn around and come back to make sure they saw what they think they really saw, and some people even pull over to stare at him.

Tank takes it all in stride though. He actually seems to care less about the attention. He just watches them watch him. He’ll even wag his tail as they stop and stare if they sit/stand there staring at him long enough.

But get too close to his fence, and he might have a few things to say.

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Tanks Little Friends

Recently, we’ve been fostering a litter of puppies (7) for a local adoption group. We’ve had them since they were about 10ish days-2wks old, and they are now 5-6wks old. They are absolutely adorable, and it goes without saying that Tank absolutely LOVES them. Tank loves anything remember? But Tank has his favorite…

Tank and Iris Sleeping

That little bitty merle puppy is named “Iris”. She and Tank are best buddies. We let the puppies out of their pen to play several times a day, and anytime you can’t see Iris, look to where Tank is… They will be snuggled up together or playing together (Tank gets down on the floor and crawls with them).

105lbs meet 2lbs… Isn’t it precious?

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“That’s One BIG Dog!”

Tanks had a bouncy bouncy day today. He’s been bouncing around, acting like a puppy… He’s limping quite a bit, but he’s not letting that keep him down. He seems to be enjoying the fresh, cool breeze… and he actually didn’t fight me on taking his pills today…

Hold that thought… He just puked at the front door. Ugh. Luckily it looks like he just ate too much too quick. Silly puppy!

Anyways. He was outside in the front yard today playing, and we heard someone calling him up to the fence (whistling here dog dog dog). That’s unsusual a) because we know all our neighbors and they know Tank by name, and b) what idiot calls a strange dog up to the fence… Turns out it was two teenagers and they were jesting with each other about the size of Tank. “That’s one big dog! If he comes after me, I’m making sure he eats you too!” Crazy kids… Just teaches us we need to keep a closer eye on him when he’s outside too.

The hives seem to have disappeared for the most part. The skin irritation seems to be drying up already. Not too sure what that is, but he will certainly stay on the course of antibiotics til it’s completed. There’s some talk about starting him on monthly injections until his surgery can be arranged and paid for… Lots of things going on and being discussed.

One special dog he is…

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Hives and Welts Everywhere…

Not exactly a good day, but not exactly a bad day either folks…

Tank did his typical “let me spit out every pill you give me” trick no matter which way I offered it, so ended up having to put it down his throat in the not so nice way again. He gave me the stink eye after that…

Later in the day, I notice he’s scratching an awful lot, licking and slurping like crazy. I stop him a few times, and get up to investigate. Greaaattt…. Lucky boy is covered in welts and hives. We know it’s not the medication as he’s been taking all this for a while now… Give him a round of benedryl, call the vet, and run to grab him some antibiotics.

Don’t really know what he got into, but he’s got a skin infection going on now along with everything else. Gotta give him some special baths (he loves baths, so at least he won’t fight me on this part), more medication in addition to what he’s ready taking… (lucky me), and just keep an eye on what’s going on. May need steroids to help with the welts if they don’t go down or continue to get worse.

What are we going to do with you Tankers?

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Medication Woes

Used to, we could take a pill, slap some peanut butter on it, and call it a day. The boy would down it like a treat, think starving lion being handed a steak… Those days my friends are long gone. It doesn’t matter that some of his pills taste like beef and chicken (he no longer sees those as treats… Fawck!).

The dog has finally wised up. It doesn’t matter if you slather it in peanut butter, wrap it in cheese, stuff it in a piece of steak… He still manages to spit it out (after consuming the yummy part, of course). We sat here and tried peanut butter first… He spit it out, licked the peanut butter off, and looked at us as though he was shaking his head. Next, we tried a piece of cheese. He gobbled it, and spit out the pill. I swear, this time he was smirking. Finally, we wrapped that sucker up in a piece of chicken. Surely, he would gulp this down… Think again, the chicken was eaten, and the pill on the floor in return. I swear by this time he was mocking us.

I absolutely HATE stuffing a pill down a dogs throat. But you know what? He has to take these medications. He doesn’t have a choice… So I did that route. Opened his mouth wide, drop the pills in the back of his throat, and quickly closed his mouth. He sat there… and thinking all was well, I let him go after a minute or so… The damn smart dog proceeded to prove to me he had CHEEKED his pill, and promptly spit it at my feet.

After that I was fed up. This time I shoved the damn pills to the back of his throat, and smirked back at him when he finally swallowed. Momma finally won  that game!

So what are your tricks to getting your dog to take his medication?

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Always Eager for a Ride

“Bye bye” and “Wanna Go”- Those two little words wreck havoc in our house. You could whisper them and Tank would come out of a dead sleep wiggling around, beating you up with that tail of his. His tail. Ouch. It’s left bruises across many peoples legs and thighs that would lead you to believe they had been hit with a baseball bat. Do you think we could have it removed too?? Just kidding of course!

Today was in fact a “Bye bye” day for Tank. He had to get a final shot (Bordatella) to make him completely up to date on everything. So off to the vet we went. Tank was so excited to see some of his friends that he hasn’t seen in a few days (HAHA)! He even gained a few pounds. Now, that’s neither good nor bad at this point.

The good thing is that Tank really is a perfect weight with all of his issues. Being overweight could affect him even more than he’s already affected and cause even more complications and pain for the poor guy. The bad part is, that I think he’s too skinny, and I don’t like feeling ribs as much as I do on him. They say he could still be okay gaining another 5-10lbs, but absolutely no more than that.

So today was an A+ day for Tank. We didn’t see much limping, he enjoyed getting to go for a ride, and best of all… He even got a new toy!

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