About Us

Hi folks. Some of you know me, yet many of you don’t. My names Catherine, and I’m Tanks Momma (or owner for the politically correct). I’ve had Tank since June of 2010 when he was just a little (HA) thing at four months old (and 30 something pounds).

I’ve started this blog with a few goals in mind. The first  being to keep Tanks fan club aware of how he’s doing, what’s going on in his life, what new things he’s gotten into, and sadly enough, a report of what’s going on medically in his life. This is also my way of keeping a diary for his vet specialists to know how he’s doing as well.

You see folks, Tank has already had over six surgeries in his young life, and he’s destined for more. Sometime this year Tank will need a surgery that is going to cost (at minimum) $5,000.00. Five thousand. At minimum. I’m not made of money, and honestly, I’ve already spent over $15,000.00 (and constantly counting) to get medical treatment for him thus far.

That’s where you guys come in… I’m turning to the internet and to strangers to help me raise some of the money for Tanks next surgery. Tank has an OCD lesion in his left stifle along with hip dysplasia and arthritis. To improve his quality of life, he will need surgery to repair these things sometime this year.

Right now he’s doing “okay”- if you can call it that. He takes four medications daily, and also has pain medication on hand when needed (like when he’s in pain and puking poor puppy). Those four medications combined (for his hips alone, not counting heartguard and flea/tick preventative) run about $250.00 a month. Throw in heart/flea/tick protection and you’re tacking on about another $35.00. Expensive meds puppy boy… More than mine, for sure!

Now. Before you utter the words “he’s just a dog”… Let me tell you something. Tank is my best friend. He’s my companion. He’s seen me through more stuff than any human would stand by another human for. He’s there for me no questions asked. He keeps me safe on walks. He guards the yard. He’s always there to listen… and you know what… I wouldn’t trade him for the world. If you don’t like what I’m trying to do for my dog, click the “x” in the upper right hand corner.

So please, sit back and enjoy. Journey with Tank and I as we take this all day by day. If you’ve got questions regarding him, his medical care, his treatment options, donating, etc please feel free to leave a comment and I will get back with you ASAP!


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