Hives and Welts Everywhere…

Not exactly a good day, but not exactly a bad day either folks…

Tank did his typical “let me spit out every pill you give me” trick no matter which way I offered it, so ended up having to put it down his throat in the not so nice way again. He gave me the stink eye after that…

Later in the day, I notice he’s scratching an awful lot, licking and slurping like crazy. I stop him a few times, and get up to investigate. Greaaattt…. Lucky boy is covered in welts and hives. We know it’s not the medication as he’s been taking all this for a while now… Give him a round of benedryl, call the vet, and run to grab him some antibiotics.

Don’t really know what he got into, but he’s got a skin infection going on now along with everything else. Gotta give him some special baths (he loves baths, so at least he won’t fight me on this part), more medication in addition to what he’s ready taking… (lucky me), and just keep an eye on what’s going on. May need steroids to help with the welts if they don’t go down or continue to get worse.

What are we going to do with you Tankers?

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